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Priced under market value at €960 per m2

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Welcome to Belvedere House, your new home for Sale.

Welcome to my house now for sale, and your new home! I opened Belvedere House, as a Chambres d’hộte, in late 2009 after 5 years of total renovation of the 18th Century building. It achieved TripAdvisor’s ‘Certificate of Excellence’ for 6 years. It was the #1 listed Chambres d’hộte in the area. I closed the business in 2017 in anticipation of my retirement. Belvedere House is now for sale and a welcome awaits those who wish to explore and live in this beautiful area of Hérault, France. A Studio apartment is also part of my home but with independent access. It may be used as a ‘granny’ flat, but it may also be rented separately from the main house.


Languedoc-Roussillon is the largest wine-producing region in the world at 740,300 acres. Quarante is surrounded by these vineyards and sits on a hilltop. It therefore has great views south to the Pyrenees and north to the ‘Montagne Noire’. Quarante is 20 mins by car to Beziers, Narbonne and St Chinian. The Canal du Midi is a short walk or bicycle ride away. The Romans extensively developed the region and so their legacy remains today. The ‘Via Domitia’ being just one example, but there are numerous others.

The Village

Welcome to Belvedere House for sale, your new home. This is Quarante Town Hall one of the Village Facilities
Place de La Mairie
Welcome to Belvedere House for sale, your new home. This is Quarante  Abbey square one of the Village Facilities where a wedding guest congregate and market traders set up their stalls.
Place de l’Abbadie

Welcome to Quarante the thriving village my home is located in. It has two butchers, a baker, a chemist, a Doctor, a Dentist, a self-service mini market, a newsagent, a clothes shop, a gift shop, a TV repair shop and two schools and a population of 1500. Therefore it is a thriving, picturesque, and typical French village. We are lucky to have a number of excellent restaurants nearby. Bar 40(Quarante), in the village, does an excellent value 3 course midday meal for €14 . A regular bus route services Beziers, stops at the train station and also stops in other local villages en-route. So Quarante is well catered for with public transport options.

Quarante is very lucky to have 3 schools catering for children from 5 to 17, and so this is a major reason that Quarante is a thriving village. A page, giving details of what schooling is available for your children in Quarante, may be found HERE.

There are numerous beaches within a half hour drive, at Gruissan Plage and Narbonne Plage. But, our favourite is at Saint-Pierre-la-Mer, which also has a great Sunday market.

Getting here

There are 9 Airports that service the area. Therefore, access to the area is very easy. All are within 2.5 hours drive. So the choice of foreign short haul destinations is extensive.