Airports Nearby

There are 9 Airports servicing our area ,so access to the area is a breeze! All are within 2.5 hours drive and the choice of foreign short haul destinations is extensive. The area has many Americian property owners, so it has excellent trans atlantic connections as well. The amount of airports servicing the area is extensive, so it has easy access from virtually anywhere in the world.

Ryaniar servicing airports in area with easy access.
Ryanair has 225 destinations in 41 countries as of June 2020. Passengers in 2019: 152.4 million
Easyjet airports servicing our area with easy access
Easyjet serves 165 destinations, as of August 2020. Passengers in 2019: 96.1 million
Air France servicing global area access via many European airports.
Together, Air France and KLM fly to 318 destinations in 118 countries. Passengers in 2019: 87.6 million
Lufthansa servicing global area access via many European airports.
Lufthansa serves 225 destinations in 78 countries, as of August 2020. Passengers in 2019: 145.1 million
Quarante is surrounded by the vineyards of Languedoc-Roussillon, therefore has a very picturesc setting. It is the largest wine-producing region in the world, at 740,300 acres. Therefore the major employment in the region is associated with wine making. Quarante has wonderful views south to the Pyrenees and north to the ‘Montagne Noire’. Quarante is 20 mins by car to Beziers, Narbonne and St Chinia, so is ideally located for visiting the region. The Canal du Midi is a short walk or bicycle ride away, so may be easilly enjoyed. The Romans extensively developed the region. Their legacy remains today. The ‘Via Domitia’ being just one example.
Quarante has two butchers, a baker and 2 self-service mini markets. It has a newsagent, a clothes shop and a gift shop. Also a chemist, a Doctor and a Dentist. It has two schools and a population of 1500. Therefore it is a thriving, picturesque, and typical French village. There is an excellent restaurant a short walk from the village. Bar 40(Quarante) does an excellent value 3 course midday meal for €14, so eating out is easy. A regular bus service to Beziers stops at other local villages en-route. There are numerous beaches within a half hour drive, so a day on the beach is not a problem.